Vacation and Traveling: The difference to me.

Vacation and Traveling: The difference to me.

Vacationing as a child meant road tripping across America in the back seat of a Chevrolet Astro Van with a small tv balancing between the center counsel.  Throughout my years growing up my mother, father, and myself would bop back and forth between visiting my dad’s extended family throughout the country.  From East to West I was fortunate to see the country while watching VHS tapes, binging on berries and cream lifesavers, and playing copious amounts of car games to pass the time.  Vacations were fun, they were a reason to leave my small town and explore the world out there while still having the comfort of relatives as tour guides and amazing hosts.   From the Badlands of South Dakota to the beaches of the East Coast, those long haul trips truly make me appreciate the beauty that is America and fueled my travel bug.  

To many people vacationing and travel go hand and hand and to a lot of people mean the same thing.  To me a vacation is a time to relax,recharge and drink some margaritas on the beach, or some prefer wine and chocolate in bed to help them reach the point of relaxation before heading back to “the real world”.  Hell my weekends are often when I “vacation” in my tiny New York City bedroom accompanied by a lot of Netflix binge watching and some takeout food (because who needs to cook on vacation?).  Now that the summer is in full swing, I often find myself in Madison Square Park during my lunch break on a mental vacation, zoning out and taking in the always humid New York City air.  

At my age, I am blessed with the gift of health and an active lifestyle that allows me to run on 3 hours of awful quality airplane sleep and still gallivant around Istanbul for 13 hours before hopping on another plane to the next country. Traveling to me is immersing yourself and being as invested in an experience as possible.  When I travel, I typically travel hard.  Jam packing my days of sightseeing and filling my nights heading off the beaten path to check out “local hangouts.”  All while trying to remember the hand full of foreign words that I practiced beforehand.  I don’t consider most of the traveling I do a vacation because because my mind is constantly wanting to know more and absorbing all that is around.  I often times come back from trips physically exhausted, but to me this is what refills my soul and recharges me to be my best self.  Whether it is in a foreign land, a new neighborhood of New York, or a stimulating conversation with someone I’ve never met, I am striving every day to be more actively engaged and present in order to gain and provide the most of out the experience. Every moment is precious and as the saying goes “you can sleep when you are dead”, but anyone who knows me well knows that I follow this motto up closely with, “A nap here or there never killed anyone.”

The advice I hope you take away from this is to find your balance while trying to be as present as possible while you are traveling.  If you want a trip that has a balance of both, plan your days to include rest time so you are focused and engaged as much as you can be.  Most of the places you visit WILL be once in a lifetime experiences, so make the best of every moment. PRO TIP: a little coffee never hurt anyone and I have had some of my best conversations with strangers at random coffee shops throughout the world ☺.

Thanks for coming along!


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